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If I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting you yet, please let me tell you a little about myself. I am an Equine and Canine Naturopath and Nutritionist and I also have qualifications in Small Animal and Equine Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Bowen Therapy and Iridology.

I founded a dried herbal medicine business that I ran for 14 years before selling it and am thrilled to have done it all again for our pure herbal liquid extract business “Animal Naturopathics”. This area has formed an enormous chunk of my life and it seems that I just can’t live without it!

Sue Martin Tuesday, 22 Dec 2020

Treating Musculoskeletal Dysfunction

Of all the concerns that owners contact me about in regards to their horses, musculoskeletal discomfort would have to be the most common.

Because of the diversity associated with musculoskeletal disorders, this article will focus on conditions that correlate with muscular dysfunction caused by soft tissue damage and compensation.

Because horses serve us very well and many, f...

Sue Martin Tuesday, 22 Dec 2020

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